Optimizing your Living Space

Smyth Painting Company LLC has helped countless residential owners in Rhode Island and Southern New England make the best of their living spaces by offering professional color selecting. We work with decorators experienced in all styling genres to help you achieve the style you want. We are in tune with everything from modern color trends, to traditional themes inspired by our experiences working mainly in historic districts. You can always count on Smyth Painting’s experience to make your painting project a quick and painless affair.

Interior Surface Preparation, Restoration and Painting

Our commercial painters can expertly and quickly clean, prepare, repair and paint most any interior surface, no matter how large or high. We know what paint to use, how many coats to apply and can give you a very accurate cost estimate and time line for any project-helping you plan around our work and suffer as little disruption as possible.

Decorative Finishes

If you wish to add some texture to your walls but prefer paint, we work with painters who can expertly apply faux or decorative finishes using a variety of paint colors. These techniques can be quite tricky, but when performed properly, can beautifully transform a room.

Bring new life to your home, contact Smyth Painting Company today!