Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

A dirty work area is never a good thing. When it comes to painting, a clean, organized work area is mandatory. Use a drop cloth over the entire room. You’d be amazed how paint can travel away from where you are working. Spilled drinks or smudges can destroy all of your hard work. Loose garbage can blow into a wall and potentially force moisture or dirt between the wall or siding. Make sure the area is completely dry.

Buy More Than You Need

As professionals we are able to keep large stocks of paint and custom color mixtures. Down the road you may want to touch up or paint an area again. As you are doing this yourself and don’t likely do it too often, buy enough to allow for mistakes. A new coat of paint can peel or chip, and you might not find that mixture you chose at a later date if the paint store doesn’t carry or make it anymore.

Tape Is Your Friend

And it can save you from making annoying, time consuming, and even costly mistakes. Tape all corners, seems, sills and anywhere you want a crisp even line. This way if your brush goes out of bounds, you don’t get a smudge. With careful hands removing the tape, your line will be perfect.